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Are you Protecting Your Most Important Asset?

Questions to ask yourself:

Lost Data

  • What would the impact be on the company in the case of a disaster?

  • How much time can the company afford to go between backups?

  • How much would it cost to lose my data or critical business functions for an extended period of time?


  • Am I in an industry where I have to comply with government regulations?

  • Is the company compliant?

  • What would be the costs if I did not comply with these regulations?


  • Are my workstations secured?

  • Is the company’s data encrypted?

  • What could happen if someone got a hold of the data and it wasn’t encrypted properly?

The solution is Datto Service by CSG:

Business Continuity (BC) Solution
A true BC solution will keep your business running, no matter what. Our solution has the ability to instantly virtualize both on- and off-site.

This eliminates downtime.
Data protection
We use bank grade AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption. If the device is stolen, the data can be remotely wiped off the device while saving critical data in the cloud.

That level of security is important.

We are HIPAA, PCI, and SOX compliant.

Don’t trust a provider who isn’t.

Inexpensive Insurance Policy
View a BC solution as an insurance policy. You insure your house, your car, your valuables, so why wouldn’t you insure your most valuable asset – your data? The cost of lost data and downtime is extremely expensive and can cripple your company.

It can happen to you. Don’t let it.

Contact our sales staff today to setup industry leading backup and disaster recovery.

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